Michigan Alliance FC


The Michigan Alliance prides itself on offering a great soccer experience. Our teams start with a less demanding environment and schedule although as players become more comfortable, the level increases drastically. Our goals are simple, to give each player the opportunity to accomplish their goals in soccer and as a student-athlete.

Travel team schedules are comprised of 5 major components. Outdoor practice, outdoor games, indoor practice, indoor games, and tournaments are the major functions within our travel leagues.  Younger teams, and lower level teams do less with the option of doing more while the higher level and older teams traditionally do more. The most impactual difference with Michigan Alliance regular teams has to do with coaching. All of our coaches are licensed and most have an extensive background in playing and coaching. 

Our teams start with a very basic schedule to help ease players and families from the recreational level to the travel or select level. Our staff is dedicated to helping players to first love the game and then explore it finding their path. We offer different programs and clinics for our players at U8 and help with college placement as they approach the end of their high school career.

Sample U9 Schedule
Outdoor fall practice 2 days per week starting in August and finishing at the end of October. The team will play in the PowerAde Invitational tournament the weekend prior to Labor Day. League play starts after Labor Day consisting of 8 games. 4 games are home (Livingston County) and 4 are away. Away games range to distance with the furthest being Saline, Trenton, Dearborn, Farmington, Fenton, Lansing. Many other opponents are within the boundaries. After the fall season (end of October), the team practices approximately 16 times during the months of November-January. During this period, many teams take off an 8 week period. The team also has the option of playing an indoor session. 8 games over approximately 8 weeks. Outdoor spring practices start when the weather breaks which usually occurs just prior or after spring break. The team practices the same two days as fall and competes in 8 league games again. The team participates in another tournament (within 4 hours) prior to the end of the season. 

Although we are true soccer enthusiasts, we want the best athletes and desire to help them understand the game. Many players play multiple sports although we believe that everything has to be in moderation. Many Alliance players participate in baseball, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and other sports that don’t encompass a vast amount of the year.

To play for the Alliance opens up paths to a successful soccer youth career. While many players join the Alliance late (U12-U14), proper training at early ages is vital. If you have any questions concerning our program, please contact us. We strive to offer a great program that families choose to stay. 

Thanks for looking into the Michigan Alliance!

Droo Callahan
Director of Coaching